27 Cool Swedish Words You Must Know!

By Anjali Chawla

Do you love words like us? We have a post about beautiful words in different languages, creative travel words, untranslatable Norwegian words, cool Danish Words, and now beautiful Swedish words for you.

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Beautiful Swedish Words

From bluish blue islands and inland lakes to northern lights, nature, design, architecture, culture, history, and food, Sweden is every traveler’s dream. If you’re planning to visit this dreamy Nordic country, you must know some words that are distinctly Swedish with no equivalent in English. Check out our hand-crafted list of the most beautiful and untranslatable Swedish words.

Let’s start with the longest Swedish Word!

Realisationsvinstbeskattning (n.)

Pronunuciation: realisations-vinstbe-skattning

Meaning: Literally translates to capital gains taxation

It’s a longest co-joined word – a compound of realisationsvinst (capital gain) and beskattning (taxation).

longest swedish word


Pronunciation: fee-kah

Meaning: A tradition, a social institution, and a cozy concept in Sweden, Fika is a tea or coffee break with a cinnamon cake while spending time with family or friends. It’s basically an excuse to slow down, take time for yourself and your loved ones.

Fika can be a noun (do you want to have fika?) and a verb (let’s fika!)

fika swedish words famous

Lagom (adv.)

Pronunciation: la-gum

Meaning: Not too little, not too much. Just right.

lagom famous swedish words

Tidoptimist (n.)

Pronunciation: tid-sop-tuh-mist

Meaning: Literally, time optimist, A person who’s habitually late because they think they have more time than they do

Tidoptimist swedish words best

Blåsväder (n.)

Pronunciation: blas-vader

Meaning: Windy or stormy weather

Blåsväder swedish words

Stjärna (n.)

Pronunciation: shkare-nah

Meaning: Star

Stjärna swedish words

Vän (n.)

Pronunciation: ven

Meaning: Friend

Vän swedish words

Orka (v.)

Pronunciation: or-ka

Meaning: To have the energy, stamina, or will to do something

orka swedish words

Bra (adj.)

Pronunciation: bra

Meaning: Good

One of the funny swedish words ever!

bra funny swedish words

Tystnad (n.)

Pronunciation: tist-nod

Meaning: Silence

Tystnad swedish words

Hinna (v.)

Pronunciation: hen-aa

Meaning: To find the time, To be on time

hinna swedish words beautiful

Sambo (n.)

Pronunciation: samm-boe

Meaning: Live-in partner

sambo swedish words lovely

Mysa (v.)

Pronunciation: mee-sah

Meaning: To cuddle, To cozy up

Mysa swedish words

Duktig (n.)

Pronunciation: dukee-tig

Meaning: Talented

Duktig swedish words unusual

Kul (adj.)

Pronunciation: cool

Meaning: Fun, Amusing, Nice, Enjoyable

kul swedish words pretty

Älskar (v.)

Pronunciation: al-scar

Meaning: Love

Älskar swedish words lovely

Jobbig (adj.)

Pronunciation: jobb-ig

Meaning: Troublesome, Annoying, Difficult, Boring, Mundane, Tiring

Jobbig swedish words weird

Solkatt (n.)

Pronunciation: sole-cat

Meaning: When the sun reflects off your watch

solkatt swedish words unique

Mambo (n.)

Pronunciation: mamm-boe

Meaning: An adult who still lives with his mother

mambo swedish words beautiful

Mormor/Morfar/Farmor/Farfar (n.)

Pronunciation: mor-mor/mor-far/far-mor/far-far

Meaning: In one word – grandparents, Literally mothermother (maternal grandmother), Literally fathermother (maternal grandfather), Literally motherfather (paternal grandmother), Literally fatherfather (paternal grandfather)


Dygn (n.)

Pronunciation: dyng-n

Meaning: The time period between one midnight and the next midnight, Both day and night, Any 24-hour time period

Dygn untranslatable words in swedish language

Skönt (n.)

Pronunciation: shernt

Meaning: Beautiful, Fair

Skönt swedish words

Annorlunda (adj.)

Pronunciation: ah-nor-loon-da

Meaning: Different


Leende (n.)

Pronunciation: lay-en-day

Meaning: Smile

leende swedish words

Sommarmorgon (n.)

Pronunciation: soe-mar-more-on

Meaning: Summer morning

Sommarmorgon swedish words unusual

Gift (adj.)

Pronunciation: yift

Meaning: Married

gift swedish words

Mångata (n.)

Pronunciation: moon-gah-ta

Meaning: The roadlike reflection of moonlight on water

Mångata swedish words

Do you have any interesting Swedish words that you’d like us to add to this list of unique words from the Swedish language?

PS: If you want to learn Swedish beyond just a few words, it’s a good idea to check these cool apps to learn Swedish.

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