Meet The Authors

By Anjali Chawla

Meet the authors of Travel Melodies, Anjali and Neha.  It’s a family travel blog where you can enjoy the symphony of travel tales by two globetrotting moms.

Meet the Authors of Travel MelodiesAnjali Chawla

Anjali is a teacher who lives in Delhi (India) with hubby Manish and her 12-year-old daughter Amishi. She writes about trips she has taken with family and those she hopes to take. Her hobbies include writing, travel, and taking pictures, yes, zillions of pictures. A love of new cultures is what drives her to explore the world and beyond.

Every place she visits makes its own little abode in her heart. Every person she meets over the course of her journey leaves an enduring impression on her soul. Travel to uncharted places, meeting strangers on the way, and making memories is her idea to restore, reinvigorate and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

Manish’s greatest passions in life are work, family, food, and travel. Both discovered the joy of travel the day they started traveling together. It opened them up to the possibilities of the world. They experienced other cultures and met people from around the world. From that moment on, they were hooked on travel.

Amishi is 12 years old. She’s intelligent, witty, and naughty. She writes imaginative stories and paints all the time. She is a dreamer. She enjoys her trips with her family and maintains a journal wherein she writes about all her trips; learning moments during those trips.

Her goal is to travel to all seven continents with her family. Antarctica remains her dream destination.

Meet the Authors of Travel MelodiesNeha Kulshrestha

Neha moved back to India in 2018 after living in the US for 8 years. with her husband Puneet and kids. Luckily, her husband Puneet and kids – 10 yr old son Medhansh and 6 yr old daughter Mishika, love to travel with the same enthusiasm as she does. In fact, the moment they reach close to their house back from any journey; her kids start saying “Don’t turn…some more time”. Neha and family make trips to places near and far making memories and loads of photographs.

When did it all start? Neha’s love of traveling grew leaps and bounds with time. She finds the roots deep in her childhood when her parents used to travel as a family to different places on vacation. It had all kinds of adventure and fun – drenching in waterfalls and streams, hiking up mountains, plucking fruits in orchards, cooking food on fire, making a van tiny abode temporarily, eating local food and so much endless stuff.

Puneet became her new travel partner in crime. They both loved traveling and more so together. Riding up the mountains on a bike, snorkeling in beautiful Andaman islands, drenching in the rapids of Rishikesh, driving across the country, or just sitting on the beach and enjoying the sunset. With time the desire to explore also increased. The kids gave us a new perspective on traveling as a family.

Medhansh loves to read, draw and build Legos. He is fascinated by airplanes, jets, and rockets and loves to draw them. During each trip, he will make a small scrapbook of drawings of places visited or fun things he did. It feels wonderful to see him discover the world and its amazing marvels in the most natural way.

Mishika, to be honest, has been traveling long before she was born. Probably that’s one reason that she never feels tired(see the stress on feelings of a 6-year-old girl). She is an adventurous girl and follows her brother with a full heart.

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