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Travel MelodiesWho are we?  Two busy moms who share their passion for travel. Who’s the wit behind the blog? Well, Anjali’s idea of sharing her life experiences (mostly travel) with the world gave birth to this little cozy place named Travel Melodies. Then Neha joined in and both discovered the joy of traveling and writing together. And Travel Melodies was reborn!

We are two friends who share some common interests. We both discovered the connect when our families headed out together for USA exploration. Google and travel books came to our rescue for our trip planning. The crunch of time, but desire to see it all, led us to meticulous planning.

After a hectic but fantastic trip, Anjali went back home with lots of ideas in her mind playing havoc. The solution to that havoc was a travel anthology in form of a blog where she would pen down her travel stories and tips. Anjali was living her passion, her passion for travel and writing. Then joins another thread – Neha to make that dream stronger.

Happiness comes in many forms, but for us, we find joy in traveling and exploration with kids. Our desire is to make our kids travel by any means possible; let them see as much of the world as they can and learn things from the world around them. Remember, not all the classrooms have four walls?

Anjali is based in Delhi/NCR and Neha moved back to Chandigarh after an 8-year stint in the US and we are enjoying uncovering the hidden destinations with our families.

It is said, “Happiness increases with sharing”. To share the happiness of traveling with other fellow explorers is the idea behind this blog. We hope our blog will inspire you enough to leave your inhibitions to travel the world with your kids! Believe us, it’s the best gift you’ll ever give to your kids.

Travel gives us a chance to augment our horizon, to learn about different cultures, to witness the beauty that this amazing world has to offer and most importantly, to make this world a better place to live. How do we do it? By traveling thoughtfully, responsibly and sustainably. We abide by our commitment to keeping the beautiful destinations we visit clean and pure by reducing our environmental impact.

Happy Travels!

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