Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster, PA – Glimpse into the Amish Traditions

Are you looking for options for a day trip near Philadelphia? Do you want to take a break from the hustle-bustle of the city? Do you want to have a sneak into the countryside? Do you want to enjoy homemade products? Then you have reached the right destination – Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster, PA.

Lancaster is just a day-trip away from Philadelphia, USA.

When tourists think of Lancaster, they think of buggy rides, traditionally dressed men and women, and the Amish or Pennsylvania Dutch farmers and craftsmen.

But, there’s more to Lancaster. Next time you plan a visit to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country of Lancaster, visit the Kitchen Kettle Village.


Kitchen kettle village is a quaint little community in Lancaster, PA that showcases the crafts of local people ranging from jams and relishes, sweet and salty food products, quilts, pottery, furniture to name a few.

We entered the Jams and Relish Kitchen where the maximum activity was.

In spite of being a chilly day, there were people inside the store all excited and overwhelmed to see and try so many samples. It’s fascinating to see so many varieties of jams, salsas, relishes and so much more all prepared there.

 Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster, PA The Jam & Relish Kitchen

So we began our tasting adventure with jams & jellies – Blackberry, blueberry, peach, fig, rhubarb, orange marmalade, mint, pepper, pineapple, jalapeno, mango, plum, apple…. OMG, the list goes on. There would be around 40 different varieties.

My kids were super excited and jumping around as if they were the professional tasters.

Apart from jams, there were ample assortments of salsas (corn, orange, pineapple, peach, corn, and black bean, lime-cilantro, etc.), butter (apple, peanut, pumpkin, sweet potato, pear, etc.), honey, dressings, pickles, relish, tarts, cookies.

The best part is that everything is homemade, preservative-free and natural.

Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster, PA Homemade Jams
Varieties of jams and jellies
 Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster, PA

It will be hard for you not to pick some of your favorites.

Our next stop was the Fudge shop.

It was fascinating to see how they poured the boiled and melted chocolate mixture on a marble table and worked on it until it was ready to roll into a long bar which is then sliced.

After such a sweet tooth, it was time to check out some furniture and quilts.

The quilts are all handmade by Amish women in the village and are beautiful but we found them expensive.

But for sure their skill and love they put in sewing them are priceless.

There are many other shops that you can explore around. And if you get exhausted and hungry there are a few cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlors to satisfy your hunger.

Even if you don’t shop, looking around and admiring the hard work and skills is great.

Besides that, you get to overlook lovely meadows and countryside landscapes.

Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster, PA Landscapes

P.S. A lot of shops won’t permit photography, so kindly respect that.


  • AAA Buggy Rides – The authentic horse-drawn carriages ride you through the countryside and gives a glimpse into the Amish life.
  • The learning experience on how jams and jellies are made and getting to taste so many samples to pick their favorite at The Jam & Relish Kitchen.
  • Depending on the time of year, kids can get creative and decorate gingerbread cookies, or roast marshmallows at The Bake Shop.
  • Enjoy the beautiful countryside.
Kitchen Kettle Village at Lancaster, PA Gingerbread Cookies
Kids happy to decorate the Gingerbread Cookies


Kitchen Kettle Village is located in the town of Intercourse, Pa. It takes an hour from Philadelphia to reach Kitchen Kettle Village via I-76 W and US-30 W route.

While coming from Lancaster, drive 10 miles east of Lancaster on the route 340E / Old Philadelphia Pike to reach the village.


Keep the Kitchen Kettle Village Map handy to explore the village.


Kitchen Kettle Village is open every day except Sundays. It’s closed on Christmas. Hours vary according to seasons and shops.


We took a day trip to Kitchen Kettle Village from Philly but if you plan to stay back and spend a night at the charming village, the Inn at Kitchen Kettle Village is your answer.

Stay at one of the room and cottage style apartments at The Kitchen Kettle Inn to enjoy the countryside living.

More details on shops, events, dining, and lodging can be accessed at the official website of Kitchen Kettle.

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Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster, PA

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  1. Wow! This Kitchen Kettle Village seems so charming and I am so happy to read about it. I’ve learned so much from your post and I am adding this place to my bucket list. Is a day trip enough to explore this place properly?

    • Thanks. I am glad you liked it and found it helpful. It would be great if you visit it and experience it. One day is good to explore this place. If you have time you would want to explore Lancaster and Amish village around. Let me know if you need any help to plan.


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