Philadelphia Flower Show – A Detailed Family Guide -updated 2020

If you are in or close to Philly in March, don’t forget to check the Philadelphia Flower Show. Here’s a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia Flower Show for you to plan for this annual blooming splendor with family.

A Detailed Family Guide to the Philadelphia Flower Show – Updated 2020

“Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound.” ~ Edwin Curran

Who doesn’t want to listen and sway to the music of the ground? We felt so refreshed after visiting the Flower Show at Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Flower Show on mind? Here's our complete and updated guide to the Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 for you to plan a perfect visit to the flower show. #philadelphia #philadelphiaflowershow2019 #philadelphiaflowershow2020 #philadelphiaflowershowdisplay #philadelphiaflowershowminiatures #flowershowdesigns #pennsylvania #flowerfestivals #springinspiration #usatravel
Philadelphia Flower Show on mind? Here's our complete and updated guide to the Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 for you to plan a perfect visit to the flower show. Philly flower show | Philly flower show tickets #philadelphia #philadelphiaflowershow2019 #philadelphiaflowershow2020 #philadelphiaflowershowdisplay #philadelphiaflowershowminiatures #flowershowdesigns #pennsylvania #flowerfestivals #springinspiration #usatravel

Some Facts About the Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show (PHS) is the world’s largest and longest-running unique indoor flower show.  It’s the oldest flower show since 1829, which has also even been featured in Guinness World Records.

The show is an annual affair that takes place at the beginning of March at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and is organized by the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS).

It attracts thousands of people every year. An absolutely beautiful way to celebrate the arrival of spring indeed.

Philadelphia Flower Show Themes

The Philadelphia Flower Show has a new theme each year so it feels like refreshingly new every time you visit.

Philadelphia Flower Show Themes of the past few years include “Holland: Flowering the World” in 2017, “Explore America: 100 Years of the National Park Service” in 2016 and “Celebrate the Movies” in 2015. Here’s the list.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 – The Essence of Mediterranea Gardens

Philadelphia Flower Show is back with a refreshing and exotic theme. The theme for 2020 is ‘Riviera Holiday’.

Get inspired to make your own little Mediterranean garden by the Mediterranean-inspired garden designs at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2020.

Think citrus tree groves, palm and olive trees, gardens with roses, lavender, colorful geraniums, rosemary, the sage of the diviners…aren’t you transported to Mediterranean region?

The show features all of them and many more plants from some of the world’s most charming coastal regions to entice you.

Know more about the major exhibits at Philadelphia Flower Show 2020.

The Entrance Garden will be inspired and designed after the stunning scented lavender-covered gardens from Provence (South of France).

You’ll also spot a rose garden designed to honor the Princess of Monaco and Philadelphia native, Grace Patricia Kelly who herself was a great Flower Show fan.

This year, Bloomin’ Brunch featuring a 3-course menu in a beautiful garden setting will be offered daily at $35. The menu is inspired by the coastal town of Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera.

You can take the exclusive morning or evening guided tours too.

Philadelphia flower show Tickets 2020:

We recommend purchasing the tickets asap as the early bird pricing (till January 14, 2020) is $35 per adult and the tickets will cost $42 per adult.

If you buy a ticket at the Convention Center, it’ll cost $48 per adult.

The Young Friend (aged 18-29) ticket costs $26 while a child (aged 5-17) ticket costs $17 if booked online. The same cost $30 and $20 at the box office respectively.

Flower After Hours (8:30 pm – 11:30 pm) ticket that costs $75 will give you exclusive access to the flower show after it’s closed to the public. It features live music, games, wine sampling, cocktails, snacks, and other activities. These tickets are only available for ages 21 and above.

The discounted tickets are also available at major SEPTA Transit Sales Offices and SEPTA Regional Rail Ticket Offices for $43 (Adult) and $17 (Children).

The tickets are also available at retailers like AAA Mid-Atlantic offices and Acme Markets.

The event is kicking off on February 29, 2020, and will end on March 8, 2020. Book your tickets in advance.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2019 – Venue to the World cup

For 2019, the theme is ‘Flower Power’. The flowers are not just for decoration but have a positive effect on our life and mood. Mark your calendars, as the dates of the event are March 2, 2019 – March 10, 2019.

It is special this year as one of the most prestigious competitions – FTD (Florists’ Transworld Delivery) World Cup will happen at the Philly Flower Show from Mar 1- 3.

FTD World Cup is a competition of international repute that honors the best floral designs from the world, happening for the first time in the US.

Competitors from over 23 countries will compete with their best artistic design to be named the Interflora World Cup champion.

Spread over the convention center, there are various displays like

The Entrance Garden will have various pods displaying the creations of the FTD world cup.

And when flowers are everywhere, even the ceiling is not left behind. There will be a meadow of flowers hanging from top adding to the magic.

Refer to the map to help you navigate.

Where is the Philadelphia Flower Show Held

The Philadelphia Flower Show runs at Pennsylvania Convention Center at 12th and Arch streets.

When does the Philadelphia Flower Show Start

The Philly flower show takes place from February 29,2020 – March 8, 2020.

Philadelphia Flower Show Tickets

The flower show ticket for Adults is approx $30 while for children (age 2-16) is $17. $20 for students (age 17-24) and free for children under 2. There’s an economical online discounted package for a family of 4.

The Philly flower show tickets can be booked online from The flower show or can be bought at major SEPTA regional rail ticket offices. Even the major stores like Wegmans, Acme, Giant, AAA do carry tickets for purchase.

The online tickets for the flower show booked in advance are cheaper than booked after the show begins. The weekday tickets are cheaper than those of the weekend, so do take advantage of it.

Most of the days it’s open till 9 p.m., so you have ample time to explore.

Even though it was a wonderful experience, but we found it to be a little expensive with extra tickets for some displays and activities.

Best Time to Visit the Flower Show

It is best to visit late in the afternoon around 3 p.m. after major tourist groups have left. Else reaching there as early as it opens gives you a chance to see exhibits at convenience.

Directions and Parking

  1. Few parking garages near the Convention Center that can be considered. On some streets, it is free to park on Sunday. Please read the parking board for more details.
  2. Parking apps like SpotHero, ParkingPanda and ParkWhiz can be used to book the spot in advance to save time.
  3. But the best option would be to take the Septa (public local transportation system including train and buses). The nearest stations are City Hall station for SEPTA’s Broad Street Line, the 13th St. station for SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line, or via SEPTA’s Regional Rails at Jefferson Station. There is an entrance to the Convention center right from the Jefferson station.

Philadelphia Flower Show 2018

The theme for 2018 is ‘Wonders of Water’ that celebrates the importance of water for our ecosystem and our survival.

Impressive floral displays showcasing the climates in different regions are sure to take your breath away.

We were welcomed into a rainforest with a huge structure made of wooden poles adorned with plants and beautiful tropical flowers hanging over, gives the impression that you have entered a paradise.

How can a rainforest be complete without rain and water? So yes, there is rain feeding to a pond and exquisite colorful flowers blooming all around.

There is still more excitement in the forest, a big cascading waterfall through tiered bamboo structures and tropical plants and flowers in the surrounding.

No doubt there is a gallery to get pictures clicked (extra price for it).

a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show

I felt myself drifted away and could see and hear the toucans and macaw, the monkeys jumping over the trees.

The Rainforests are the best to maintain and conserve the water cycle, the rain feeds the tall trees and the water trickles down to the small plants at the surface and remaining as streams that form the big rivers.

Great for kids to learn about the rainforests in such a practical way.

2018 Philadelphia Flower Show Displays


Who doesn’t want to have an attractive garden in their house?

With big lawns, waterfalls/ small ponds, aromatic flowers and a swing to sit and enjoy the beauty with a hot cup of coffee. There were some great displays to get inspired and have a dream garden.

a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show landscape

The Designer Studio

It had 3 top flower artists who were competing to create flower arrangements with the same set of flowers and tools in 30 minutes.

It was fascinating to see how simple stems of leaves and plants put together in a pattern created magic. The artists were so innovative and knew their books so well. One of the artists cut the pink ginger flower from its stem and used those flowers in the arrangement.

Then he used the stems to add an element and to add to the fun, he fixed another flower over these ginger stems to delude you.

Another artist was very interactive and kept asking the audience for ideas. He used the ginger stems and tied them together to make a triangular frame in which he placed his flowers.

a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show designer studio

It was a great experience to get some fine tips about new products in the market and ways to arrange flowers.

Pro Tip – If you keep changing the water of the flowers daily, they stay fresh longer.

This was the most creative part of the Philly flower show. We were astonished to see the variety of things created with plants and flowers alone.

Creative ‘botanical jewelry’ pieces like necklaces, clutches, earrings, bracelets were true masterpieces.

I was trying to get into the artists’ shoes and think of what went through their minds.

There was a bracelet made with pumpkin seeds only and I could have never imagined it in my wildest dreams if I would not have read it.

There was an exquisite necklace made with cloves, star anise, white pepper, cantaloupe seeds, mustard seeds.

That is not all.

a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show jewelry collage

A turquoise clutch depicting the underwater scene blew our mind.

The intricate work using pressed flowers and natural ingredients to create a magical scene was admirable.

a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show turquoise clutch

Then there were walls adorned with multiple frames. You must be wondering what’s so special – regular frames with pics and paintings depicting the theme.

Exactly from a distance, we saw beautiful framed cards, but up close we realized they were made from pressed flowers.

Such fine designs and finesse that we were in awe.

a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show design gallery

There were also displays of miniature gardens with different themes – beach, Roman gardens, backyard, camping, etc. and the fine detailing of each.

Pro TipThere is a long line to see these designs which move slowly, so avoid peak times and try to view in the morning or later in the day.

Floral Display

Going with the theme of water, it is important to throw light on clean water scarcity around the world, which we fail to realize sitting in the comforts of our home.

The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) focused on 7 countries – China, India, Mexico, Pakistan, the US, Papua New Guinea, Africa depicting each country with flowers/foliage native to it.

Mexico had been called the Bottled water country now, since they use bottled water for everything including cooking, drinking and even bathing.

a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show mexico plastic bottles

China suffered from many of its rivers getting polluted by dyes/ chemicals from factories even turning a river red.

India had the largest number of people living in rural areas without clean drinking water.

a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show India

Pakistan is dealing with large water scarcity that the country will run out of the water by 2025.

In the US, water is getting contaminated at many locations due to pipe deterioration.

Throwing light on these critical issues is very important.

Educational Exhibits

This is a must-visit for people staying in apartments or small spaces, but still, love plants. Insight into new ways of utilizing the space and maintaining it.

Also, to conserve water and use it judiciously. We always have known that plants grow in soil and they need water and sunlight to grow.

What if I tell you that some plants don’t need soil. Yes, this form of practice in horticulture is called Hydroponics, where the roots are kept only in nutrient-rich water and they can grow.

Another interesting form is Aquaponics, where the water will also have some aquatic animals like fish, snail or prawns to provide fertilizer to the plant.

Isn’t that an amazing and innovative way??

a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show aquaponics


After spending hours admiring flowers and creativity, it’s time to do some shopping to add some flowery charm to your house.

There are many vendors with everything related to horticulture – from the flower shop, seeds, tools, medicines to decoration items.

So shop till you drop.

Butterflies Live

It is an exhibit where you can walk and see butterflies in their natural habitat, feed them, touch them and learn everything about them and their cycle. Ticket – $5.

Garden Tea

This is like enjoying a cup of tea and sandwiches sitting in your beautiful garden. Nice way to relax and unwind yourself.

There is an extra ticket for the event and happens 2 times a day. So please check the timings and plan to wait in a long queue.

This seemed to be very popular amongst the visitors as there was long waiting.

Make and Take Crafts

For $10 per person, you can choose to do a craft with a few options like making a flower crown, crystal necklace, and tie-dye planter.

This is a fun activity that kids can even enjoy.

Coat Cloakroom

By paying a small fee, the coats can be deposited in the cloakroom while you explore the show.

Take Away for Kids From 2018 Philadelphia Flower Show

  1. It was a great platform to talk about the essential thing we all need – clean water. Sometimes we neglect its importance as we don’t face scarcity. But the kids need to conserve and understand its importance.
  2. They got to learn about the water cycle through the huge display of Rainforest.
  3.  There was a cart with an artificial stream with local fishes and garbage in it. The kids had to pull out all the garbage to get clean water for the fishes to survive.
  4. Flowers attract all ages and kids loved so many new varieties and colors.
  5. Utilization of all kinds of space to grow plants. Old boats filled with soil and used to grow plants.
  6. There were quite a few options for paid crafts that kids can choose to do.
a detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show waterfall

Where to Stay


Tips for Visiting the Philadelphia Flower Show

  1. Book tickets online in advance to get a discount, although they still are a bit expensive. The tickets are also available at major shopping stores like Giant, Wegmans, Acme, AAA.
  2. There is a family saver package available online.
  3. To avoid the rush, plan to reach there at opening time or late afternoon. It tends to get really crowded during the day.
  4. Download the map of the show or grab one from the entrance to help you navigate.
  5. Designer Studio is a great place to see the creativity that can be done with flowers. It is very popular amongst visitors and there is a line to view the displays. So plan to see it at the beginning or at the end.
  6. You can leave and re-enter the show during the day after getting your hand stamped.
  7. Snacks are available at the Convention Center but can explore options outside as well. Great eating spots are right outside the convention center like Reading Terminal Market but expect long waiting. Chinatown is also close by and has great options and variety.
  8. It is better to take some snacks along.
  9. Families planning to visit with small kids must carry strollers to ease navigating the big show.

We hope our detailed family guide to the Philadelphia flower show helps you to plan your visit to this blooming wonderland. If you have any queries, feel free to ask.

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Philadelphia Flower Show on mind? Here's our complete and updated guide to the Philadelphia Flwoer Show 2020 for you to plan a perfect visit to the flower show. #philadelphia #philadelphiaflowershow2019 #philadelphiaflowershow2020 #philadelphiaflowershowdisplay #philadelphiaflowershowminiatures #flowershowdesigns #pennsylvania #flowerfestivals #springinspiration #usatravel
Philadelphia Flower Show on mind? Here's our complete and updated guide to the Philadelphia Flwoer Show 2020 for you to plan a perfect visit to the flower show. #philadelphia #philadelphiaflowershow2019 #philadelphiaflowershow2020 #philadelphiaflowershowdisplay #philadelphiaflowershowminiatures #flowershowdesigns #pennsylvania #flowerfestivals #springinspiration #usatravel

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