Best of Nordic Countries in 3 Weeks – Scandinavia Itinerary

By Anjali Chawla

Planning a trip to Nordic countries? We’d be happy to help you craft a perfect Nordic itinerary or Scandinavia itinerary (as some may call it) or Northern Europe itinerary.

First off, let me tell you that a trip to Scandinavia is going to be the best trip of your life. Why? Well, Nordic countries are being listed as the top happiest countries, consistently. Plus, they are stunningly gorgeous!

Nordic Countries or Nordics or Norden consists of five beautiful Northern European countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland along with their associated territories of Svalbard, Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Åland Islands.

Why am I telling you this?


the terms Scandinavia (Scandia) and Nordics are used interchangeably by foreigners (I’ve been a culprit too before I explored the Nordic region) but they aren’t.

Finns and Icelanders are always quick to correct travelers who call them Scandinavians.

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What’s the Difference between Scandinavian Countries and Nordic Countries?

The term ‘Scandinavia’ is commonly used ONLY for Denmark, Sweden, and Norway while the term ‘Nordic countries’ is used for Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Åland Islands.

However, the associated territories of Svalbard (Norwegian archipelago) and Greenland are technically neither Scandinavia nor Nordics.

The Scandinavian Peninsula (not to be confused with Scandinavia Region) geographically comprises Norway and Sweden only.

To sum up, Northern Europe consists of the Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland) and Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). Some definitions of Northern Europe also include the United Kingdom and Ireland.

I guess, this topic makes for another blog post. Let’s now move to Nordics itinerary, the sole reason you’re here :)

I’ll be using Scandinavia and Nordics, both terms in my post for the ease of getting found by people randomly searching the terms Scandinavia and Nordic Countries.

The Nordic region is one of the most beautiful and family-friendly regions in Europe. Also, it’s one of the most expensive regions in Europe. Believe you me, exploring the region’s worth every penny.

Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway are part of Europe’s Schengen Region. Read everything you need to know to score a Schengen visa for your Nordics trip.

Summer in Scandinavia

We spent 3-weeks in Scandinavia during the summer. The summer is magical here. It’s the time of the year when the sun refuses to go down and shines through the entire day and night. Seriously.

Summer and winter are, in fact, two extremes in Nordic countries.

If winter in Nordics brings sub-zero temperatures, dark days, snow-covered landscapes, and Northern Lights; summer brings endless days, nightless nights, vibrant landscapes, and Midnight Sun.

The desire to witness the Aurora Borealis dancing in the night sky is at such a mad rush among travelers all around the world that they overlook the region’s beauty during summer.

Witnessing the Midnight Sun in summer is as magical as the Northern Lights in winter.

admiring midnight sun rovaniemi lapland finland nordic countries

Having said that, the Nordics region deserves two essential trips – one in summer and one in winter and some more to drink in its ethereal beauty.

It’s time to plan your Scandinavia travel!

Scandinavia Itinerary

Our itinerary lets you explore four epic Nordic countries in 3 weeks.





This is how a brief itinerary looks like –

Copenhagen (6 nights) – Ystad ( 2 nights) – Molle ( 1 night) – Helsinki ( 3 nights) – Rovaniemi ( 2 nights) – Oslo (2 nights) – Bergen ( 2 nights) – Hardanger (1 night) – Flam ( 1 night) – Oslo ( 1 night)

Day 1: Fly into Copenhagen

Day 2: Explore Copenhagen

Day 3: Explore Copenhagen

Day 4: Explore more of Copenhagen

Day 5: Day Trip to Dragor

Day 6: Day Trip to Helsingor

Day 7: Road Trip to Malmo (Sweden) via Orseund Bridge

Day 8: Explore Ystad

Day 9: Explore Skane County. Drive to Kullaberg (Molle)

Day 10: Kullaberg to Kastrup, Copenhagen. Fly to Helsinki.

Day 11: Explore Helsinki

Day 12: Day Trip to Porvoo

Day 13: Fly to Rovaniemi

Day 14: Explore Rovaniemi

Day 15: Fly to Oslo

Day 16: Explore Oslo

Day 17: Oslo to Bergen train

Day 18: Explore Bergen

Day 19: Hardangerfjord

Day 20: Flam

Day 21: Flam to Oslo

Day 22: Fly back home

Before we elaborate on our Scandinavia itinerary let’s first discuss the basics for a trip to Scandinavia.

Best Time to Visit Scandinavia

It all depends upon your choices. If you’d love to witness the white nights and want to soak in the Midnight Sun, plan during the months of June, July, and August.

If you dream of sleeping under the Northern Lights, September to March is the best time to go.

The months of May and September see lesser crowds and thus, are less expensive in terms of accommodations.

nyhavn boat tour sightseeing copenhagen denmark

How much does a Trip to Scandinavia cost?

Scandinavia is infamous for being the most expensive region in the world. To some extent, it’s true. Scandinavia can be exorbitant if you’re not watchful about how you spend your money.

There are ways to cut your costs in Scandinavia –

  • A little planning goes a long way. You save money when you plan and book well in advance.
  • Prefer apartments over hotels.
  • Shop at local grocery stores and cook your own food. If cooking isn’t your thing, you can go for pre-made meals from supermarkets. Aldi, Lidl, Kiwi, Rema 1000, Netto, and ICA are some of the budget-friendly supermarkets in Scandinavia. K-Market in Finland and Coop Prix in Norway are good discount stores.
  • Food Market Halls like Kauppahallit in Helsinki or Torvehallerne in Copenhagen are another great option to cut costs on food. They are way cheaper than restaurants yet a great local food experience.
  • Take Self-guided city tours and look for free attractions. Almost, all major cities in Scandinavia have tons of free and budget things to do and see.
  • Buy City Tourist Cards like Copenhagen Card or Oslo Card that save money on attractions and transport. They work wonders when it comes to saving time, money, and hassle. You can buy them online and collect them at the airport.
  • Bring an eco-friendly reusable water bottle. It saves money plus the environment. A water bottle in Scandinavia costs about $5.
  • The Everyman’s Right (Right to Roam) in Nordic countries except Denmark makes it easy to camp in the wild. You can save a lot of money on accommodation if you’re traveling to Nordic countries during the summer.
  • We found Norway the costlier of all other Nordic countries. You can maybe cut your time in Norway and spend more time in other Nordic countries to save some money.

We roughly spent about $2500 per person for 22 days in Scandinavia.

Getting to and from Scandinavia

From Asia, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and the UK, the most convenient way of getting to and from Scandinavia is to fly. If you’re in Europe, you have the option to travel by train, bus, car, or ferry.

From India, only two airlines fly direct to the Scandinavian capitals. Air India flies into Copenhagen direct from New Delhi while Finnair flies into Helsinki direct from New Delhi. There are no direct flights to Oslo and Stockholm from New Delhi.

There are a few airlines that fly direct to the Nordic capitals from North America. Norwegian Air flies into Oslo, Finnair flies into Helsinki, and SAS flies into Stockholm, and Copenhagen, direct from New York.

We use and recommend for the best flight deals.

Getting Around Scandinavia

With a flexible and range of transport options, Scandinavia is easy to navigate.

We used a rental car for most of our time in Scandinavia though we tried other modes of transportation like flights, trains, buses, and ferries to make our trip more varied and interesting.

Renting a car in Europe has its own set of rules. You can read our detailed guide to renting a car in Europe that’ll help you get started.

We always use and recommend for our car rental needs wherever we travel in the world.

We traveled by train from Oslo to Bergen that’s considered one of the world’s most scenic train journeys (you gotta experience it), took a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki, and boarded flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and Rovaniemi to Oslo.

I’d recommend taking a night train (Santa Claus Express) from Helsinki to Rovaniemi if you’ve more time on hand. Also, Norway in a Nutshell package is a great way to explore the dramatic fjords of Norway.

Make sure to book all your intercountry transportation tickets in advance.

It’s recommended to buy a Scandinavia Pass to get around Scandinavia on a budget.

Scandinavia Itinerary: Explore Nordic Countries in 3-weeks

As always, our itinerary is packed with activities and leaves less time to just sit and doing nothing. We love to explore and mini-me too loves to be on the move. She’s that restless.

This itinerary is made in a way that’ll fit all kinds of travelers, be it family travelers or solo travelers, or couple travelers.

You can make slight changes and modify the itinerary as per your needs like it misses the famous hiking attractions in Norway (Trolltunga and Preikestolen) that can be added if hiking is what appeals to you.

First Destination: Denmark

Days to Spend: 6 Days

You’ll start your Scandinavia exploration with the world’s most bike-friendly city and capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

How to Get to Denmark

There are regular airline connections from the rest of the world to Copenhagen, Denmark. If you have got a direct flight, that’s awesome else book a flight with the least layover time.

You’ll fly into Kastrup International Airport in Copenhagen which is just about 15 minutes away from the city center.

You can rent a car at the airport or else you can take a train or bus to Kobenhavn H (Central Train Station) from where you can take a subway, bus, or taxi to reach your hotel or apartment in Copenhagen.

If you’re not renting a car, it’s best to book a hotel in and around the city center for ease of access.

Discover the Best Places to Stay in and around Copenhagen City Center, Denmark.

Where to Stay in Denmark

Travelers usually keep Copenhagen as the base and prime destination in Denmark. Other cities worth visiting and spending a night or two in Denmark include Aarhus, Aalborg, Skagen, Ribe, and Odense. Dragor, Helsingor, and Roskilde can be visited on a day trip from Copenhagen.

Here are our recommendations for the best places to stay in Danish cities:

Day 1 – Arrive in Copenhagen

Today, you’ll arrive at the Danish capital, Copenhagen. The day is at leisure.

You can explore the streets of Copenhagen and get familiar with the city depending upon the time you get here or can head to your hotel to relax after a tiring flight journey.

Where to dine in Copenhagen on day 1?

Laundromat Cafe is quite a nice place to have a quick bite. Kids will love it.

Where to Stay in Copenhagen: We recommend CopenhagenApartment and citizenM Copenhagen Radhuspladsen.

Read our detailed guide to the best hotels in Copenhagen.

Day 2 – Explore Copenhagen

Start early to beat the crowds and make the most of your day.

The attractions you’ll be visiting today include:

  • Nyhavn
  • Frederik’s Church
  • Amalienborg Palace
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • Statens Naturhistoriske Museum
  • Round Tower
  • Stroget
  • Christiansborg Palace
nyhavn copenhagen denmark nordic countries

Where to dine and drink in Copenhagen on day 2?

Special Recommendation: A scoop or two of organic ice cream at Hansens Is.

frederik's kirke marble church copenhagen denmark

copenhagen kobenhavn denmark scandinavia itinerary

You can visit all the Day 2 attractions on foot. The day-wise itinerary is crafted in a way that needs minimal walking.

Transportation and many attractions are free with the Copenhagen Card. It’s such a time and money saver!

Day 3 – Explore Copenhagen

This day is reserved for kid-friendly attractions. I mean, today you’ll explore the best things to do with kids and kids-at-heart :)

The attractions you’ll be visiting today include:

  • Copenhagen Zoo
  • Frederiksberg Palace
  • Assistens Cemetery
  • Jægersborggade
  • Superkilen Park
  • Experimentium
superkilen park norrebro copenhagen denamrk

Recommended dining in Copenhagen for day 3:

Day 4 – Explore more of Copenhagen or Take a Day-Trip to Roskilde

If you’re done with Copenhagen (which I doubt), you can take a trip to Roskilde.

Or you can explore:

  • Freetown Christiana
  • Kastellet
  • Gefion Fountain
  • The Worker’s Museum
  • The Copenhagen Lakes
  • Tivoli Gardens
tivoli garden copenhagen denmark

Food recommendations in Copenhagen for the 3rd day:

Read our detailed 3 days in Copenhagen itinerary

Day 5: Day Trip to Dragør from Copenhagen

Head to Dragor, a cute little fishing town on Amager island in Denmark.

The visit to this beautiful historic village gives you enough time to relax and take a break from the helter-skelter of sightseeing.

Make sure to take your kids to Den Blå Planet (National Aquarium Denmark), the largest aquarium in northern Europe. It’s on the way to Dragor.

dragor denmark day trip from copenhagen

If you plan to spend a night in this quaint village, we suggest booking the classic and beautiful Dragør Fort Hotel.

Where to eat in Dragor? Harborfront Dragør Strandhotel, and Restaurant Beghuset. Don’t forget to taste ice cream at Nam Nam Is.

Read our complete guide to Dragør, Denmark

Day 6 – Day Trip to Helsingor from Copenhagen

How can you visit Denmark and not visit Helsingor aka Elsinore, the home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet?

Encircled by Orseund, the Sound, the expanse of water between Sweden and Denmark, Helsingor is a colorful town with cobbled streets and rich history.

Kronborg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Helsingor has been a perfect setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The castle hosts Shakespeare’s Festival every summer where international stars portray Prince Hamlet.

You can also visit the Maritime Museum of Denmark, the Culture Yard by AART, and the Danish Museum of Science and Technology.

elsinor helsingor denmark day trip from copenhagen

Where to eat in Helsingør? Værftets Madmarked and Elsinore Street Food.

Note: You can add Aarhus to your Denmark Itinerary if you have an extra day or two. You’d love its Aros Aarhus Art Museum and Infinite Bridge.

How to Get Around Copenhagen? For the most part, Copenhagen is very well accessible by foot and public transportation. A rental car is good for day trips but not suggested for city excursion of course for obvious reasons. Guided tours are also a pretty good option to explore the city without any tension.

Second Destination: Sweden

Days to Spend: 3 Days

On the sixth day of your Scandinavia adventure, you’ll say goodbye to Denmark as Sweden welcomes you with a friendly and warm smile.

How to Get to Sweden

Our itinerary needs you to have a rental car as you’ll be exploring the Swedish countryside which is otherwise inaccessible by public transportation.

It’s quite easy to get from Denmark to Sweden by air, bus, or train. There are buses and trains from Copenhagen to Gothenburg, Malmo, and Stockholm.

If you are planning to explore the far north of Swedish Lapland like Kiruna and Abisko, there are regular flights by Norwegian Air and SAS from Copenhagen.

Where to Stay in Sweden

There’s umpteen number of good stay options all across Sweden. Stockholm, being the capital and major city of Sweden offers a variety of hotels, apartments, and hostels for all budgets. Gothenburg, Gotland(Visby), Kiruna, and Skane (Ystad, Malmo, Molle, and Helsingborg) are other popular destinations in Sweden.

Malmo can be easily visited on a day trip from Copenhagen.

Here are the hotel recommendations for popular cities in Sweden:

Day 7 – Drive from Copenhagen to Malmo | Explore Malmo | Drive from Malmo to Ystad.

Take a beautiful drive to Malmo from Copenhagen via Öresund Bridge.

Check with your car hire company if your rental agreement allows you to cross international borders. Our car hire company gave us a paper that we showed at the border check.

If you don’t have a rental car, you can take a train (ACP Rail) or a bus (Flixbus, Netbuss, or Gråhundbus) from København H (Copenhagen Central Station).

Whichever mode of transport you choose, it usually takes about 40 minutes to reach Malmo from Copenhagen.

malmo sweden nordic countries

Great coffee with cakes and croissants at Noir Kaffekultur, that’ll all you need for a great head start.

You’d love to check Turning Torso, Malmo Castle, and St. Peter’s Church before you have lunch at Sajvva, a great place in Malmo for vegans and vegetarians like me.

Once done with lunch, fasten your seat belt for another beautiful drive from Malmo to Ystad.

It’s a real delight to drive the awe-inspiring Sweden countryside.

We stayed at a lovely holiday cottage in Löderups strandbad.

That’s all we needed – I mean a secluded cottage in the middle of the lush forest with a beach nearby, a perfect summer holiday.

holiday home or airbnb cottage in Löderups strandbad Osterlen Ystad s Sweden

Spend the day taking long walks through the forest and soaking in the warmth of the Midnight Sun while sitting at the beach with a glass of wine while kids cycle, run around, and play with the sand.

Sandhammarens strand beach Loderup strandbad Österlen Ystad S Sweden

It’s always good to add such destinations in your otherwise action-packed itinerary. Isn’t it?

Here, you are needed to visit the nearest supermarket as you’ll have to cook your own dinner at your cottage.

If the idea of cooking on a vacation scares you, check out the best hotels to stay in Ystad, Sweden.

Day 8 – Explore Ystad

Ystad, a gorgeous town located in the Skane county on the southern coast of Sweden with its cobbled streets lined with medieval, pastel-colored half-timbered houses, white-sand beaches, centuries-old historical sights, and ravishing rolling countryside all around is well worth a visit.

I instantly fell in love with its beauty.

Kurt Wallander crime series by Henning Mankell was set in Ystad. If you’re a Scandi-noir and Wallander fan, you can take one of the Wallander guided tours to see all the locations where the scenes were shot.

ystad sweden nordic countries

Don’t forget to visit the largest film studio in Scandinavia, Ystad Studios.

Where to eat in Ystad? Villa Strandvagen, Maltes Mackor, and Glassmakeriet.

Where to stay in Ystad? We recommend Hotell Bäckagården and Charming townhouse.

Day 9 – Explore More of Skane County | Drive to Kullaberg

There are a whole lot of things to do in and around Skåne County (Scania) but we chose a few those as we only had a day to explore Skåne.

kaseberga skane sweden nordic countries

We started our day with Ales Staner, a ship-shaped henge. It’s located in a tiny and beautiful village of Kåseberga. Legend has it that the ancient stone ship stands on a grave of a mythic king, King Ale.

Forget about history, the site where the stones are erected in the shape of a ship is utterly impressive. As soon as you hike the hill, you can’t help but admire the views overlooking the Baltic Ocean.

ales stenar kaseberga sweden nordic countries

Our next stop was Skånes Djurpark in Höör Municipality, Skåne – a must-visit with kids. The zoo has more than a thousand wild as well as tame Nordic animals – elks, foxes, wolves, lynx, bears, seals, and many more.

Kids had unlimited fun getting up-close with animals, trying the horse-riding, enjoying the Shaun the Sheep theme park, and climbing the wooden bridges in the trees. Definitely, the best family fun in Skåne.

skanes dzurpark jularp hoor skane county sweden

It was time for us to head to Kullaberg in Mölle, Sweden. It took us a little over an hour to reach Kullaberg Nature Reserve, a haven for outdoor lovers.

You can take scenic hikes, experience Porpoise Safari, check out the mysterious caves and coves, go fishing, admire the views from vantage points, paddle, swim, and so much more.

We enjoyed the Porpoise Safari in a RIB boat. The tour lasts for about an hour and costs kr 450 per adult and kr 300 per child.

We stayed at Pensionat Strandgården in Mölle. Wowzers it is! Highly recommended.

Where to eat near Kullaberg Nature Reserve? There aren’t many places to eat near the nature reserve. We tried Molle Krukmakeri and Ransvik Havsveranda and found them decent.

We wanted to extend the time in Sweden and explore Gothenburg and Stockholm and then take a ferry to Turku, Finland, or flight from Stockholm to Helsinki, Finland but we came back to Copenhagen to catch our flight to Helsinki because car rental companies charge exorbitantly high if you pick your rental from one country and drop it in another. Check out 10 unusual things to do in Stockholm if you’re planning to add Stockholm to your Scandinavia itinerary.

Our car rental charges for 8 days (pick up and drop at Copenhagen Airport) were 8,000 INR ($ 100) and if we returned the car in Gothenburg, we’d had to pay 65,000 ($ 900).

Third Destination: Finland

Days to Spend: 5 Days

You’d fall for this little country wrapped cozily into the far up north. Day 9 of the Scandinavia itinerary takes you to Finland.

How to Get to Finland

There are quite a good number of regular flights (Sichuan Airlines, Norwegian, SAS, and Finnair) from Copenhagen, Denmark to Helsinki, Finland. The journey takes a little less than 2 hours.

Where to Stay in Finland

Finland has awesome and unique stay options. For travelers, Helsinki remains the prime or first location in Finland. Summer or winter, you gotta plan a stay in Finnish Lapland to experience Midnight Sun or Northern Lights.

Here are our recommendations for Hotels in Finnish cities:

Day 10 – Fly from Copenhagen to Helsinki | Explore Helsinki

Today, you have to drive back to Kastrup Airport (2-hours drive) and leave your car at the car rental drop to catch a flight to Helsinki.

Take a taxi, train, or bus to your hotel in Helsinki to drop off your bags and spend your day exploring the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

Take a self-guided or guided walking tour starting from the Helsinki Central Station to explore the beautiful churches, charming streets, and markets of Helsinki.

helsinki central station

Where to dine and drink in Helsinki on day 1?

Day 11 – Explore Helsinki

On your second day in Helsinki, you can go on the island-hopping. Take a ferry from the Market Square that takes you to the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Vallisaari, and Lonna.

Once you’re done with the island-hopping, have a cup of coffee and snacks at Cafe Regatta.

senate square helsinki cathedral

If you’re traveling with kids, take them to the Linnanmaki Amusement Park or else you can try the famous Finnish Sauna at Löyly.

Where to eat in Helsinki on day 2?

Check out the best things to do in Helsinki, Finland

Day 12 – Day Trip to Porvoo from Helsinki

Want a break from city sightseeing? Hop on a bus and head to the little fairytale town of Porvoo. Less than an hour away from Helsinki, Porvoo makes for a perfect day trip.

What’s so special about it? Well, you’d know once you’re there :)

It’s so pretty that you’d want to just pack it in your bag and take it back home ;)

porvoo finland day trip from helsinki nordic countries itinerary

Stroll the cobbled streets adorned with pretty rows of pastel houses, museums, and cafes, and make sure to taste the Runeberg’s Torte and Brunberg’s truffle.

If you’ve time, you can take a bus from Porvoo to visit Klovharun, fondly known as Moomin Island.

Where to eat in Porvoo? Ani’s Cafe, Zum BeispielSinne, and SicaPelle are some of the best places to dine and drink in Porvoo.

If you plan to stay in Porvoo, please, please book this Small historic wooden house in Porvoo old town.

Here’s an ultimate guide to the charming town of Porvoo in Finland

Day 13 – Fly from Helsinki to Rovaniemi | Explore Rovaniemi

This day is solely for kids – the most awaited experience for kids. You are off to Rovaniemi – the official hometown of the kid’s beloved Santa Claus.

Norwegian Air and Finnair have regular flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. It takes about 1 hour 20 minutes from Helsinki to Rovaniemi by air.

Santa Express Train is another good option provided you’ve enough time on hands.

Pick up your rental car from Rovaniemi Airport and spend your day exploring Santa Claus Village – Cross the Arctic Circle, meet Santa Claus himself, feed the reindeers, and visit the Husky Park.

santa claus village rovaniemi finland

Take that mandatory pic with the jolly man in the red!

kids met santa claus in santa claus village in rovaniemi finnish lapland

Relax at your hotel and apartment before you start your hike to Ounsvara to witness the most unique and iconic natural phenomenon, Midnight Sun.

midnight sun at ounasvaara rovaniemi finnish lapland

Rovaniemi is one of the best places in northernmost Finland where you can experience full Midnight Sun when the sun stays above the horizon for about 70 days.

You can spot the magical phenomenon from May to August with June and July being the best months.

Where to eat in Rovaniemi on day 1?

Where to stay in Rovaniemi? Ukonloma Cottages, Kyyhkynen, Arctic Light Hotel, and Hostel Cafe Koti.

Recommended Read: Where to Stay in Rovaniemi, Finland

Day 14 – Explore Rovaniemi

Today, you’ll take a day trip to Ranua Wildlife Park, home to about 200 Arctic animals like polar bears, foxes, and lynxes.

Where to eat near Ranua Wildlife Park? We found the Wild Arctic restaurant good.

Try Rosso for Dinner and don’t forget to try Nordic’s pure ice cream by Arctic Ice Cream Factory. They are many outlets in Rovaniemi.

Read to know how a trip to Finnish Lapland in summer looks and feels like

Fourth Destination: Norway

Days to Spend: 7 Days

Think Norway, think fjords. Majestic Norwegian fjords – there’s no match to them. There are 1000s of them dotting Norway’s coastline. It’s time to explore the sheer and unmatched natural beauty of Norway.

You might want to read: Epic places to visit in Norway with Kids

How to Get to Norway

Rovaniemi, Finland to Oslo, Norway is about 4 hours away by flight with a stopover in Helsinki. There’s no direct flight from Rovaniemi. You can come back to Helsinki and spend a day maybe before catching a flight to Oslo.

Where to Stay in Norway

Norway’s capital, Oslo has amazing accommodation options. Other cities of interest in Norway include Bergen, Flåm, Stavanger, Tromsø, Trondheim, the Lofoten Islands, Kristiansund, and Ålesund.

Here are the hotel recommendations for major Norwegian cities:

Day 15 – Fly from Rovaniemi to Oslo | Explore Oslo

From Rovaniemi, it’s about 4 hours flight to Oslo including a short stopover at Helsinki. Take a shuttle train (Flytoget) to the city center and maybe a taxi from there to your hotel, drop off your luggage and freshen up before you start the sightseeing.

It’s always a good idea to book a hotel in the city center to save time and money on transportation.

oslo norway nordic countries

On your first day in Oslo, you’ll explore:

  • Oslo Opera House
  • Frogner Park
  • Slottsplassen
  • Karl Johans Gate
  • Nobel Peace Center
  • Oslo City Hall
oslo opera house norway nordic countries

Where to eat in Oslo on day 1?

There are many awesome places to dine in Oslo but are expensive. I’ve suggested the ones we found cheap yet best – the absolute value of money.

Where to stay in Oslo? Mad Architect’s Shared Apt – Sørenga – Homestay, Thon Hotel Storo, and Camillas Hus.

Related Read: Where to Stay in Oslo – Best Areas and Neighborhoods

Day 16 – Explore Oslo, Norway

The second day in Oslo starts with an Oslofjord cruise and then a ferry to the Bygdøy peninsula. The peninsula is brimming with famous Norwegian museums like the Kon-Tiki Museum, Fram Museum, Viking Ship Museum, and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.

oslofjord cruise oslo

Make sure to grab an Oslo Pass to save money on museums and other major attractions in Oslo.

We recommend visiting the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norwegian Folk Museum), Fram Museum, and Kon-Tiki Museum.

Dining recommendations for your 2nd day in Oslo: Mamma Pizza Osteria, Haralds Vaffel, Habits Coffee, and Oslo Street Food.

Try Statholdergaarden if you want to splurge on food.

Read our guide to the best things to do in Oslo, Norway

Day 17 – Oslo to Bergen on Bergen Railway | Explore Bergen

Day 16 of your Nordic Countries tour is beautiful. Today, you’ll ride one of the most scenic train journeys in the world, Bergen Railway (Bergensbanen) from Oslo to Bergen.

This train journey is a part of famous Norway in a Nutshell tour but that needs you to get down at Myrdal to board the Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana), another popular scenic train ride from Myrdal to Flam.

We didn’t take the package so traveled till Bergen.

The journey is exhilarating and the best introduction you can have to the Norwegian landscape.

Read all about the scenic train journey from Oslo to Bergen

oslo to bergen train norway nordic countries

If you book Norway in a Nutshell Tour, your transportation is managed by them but if you’re exploring Bergen (Gateway to the fjords) and Norwegian fjords on your own like us, the best way is to rent a car.

The car rental services aren’t available at the Bergen Railway Station which means you’ll have to catch a bus (Flybussen) to reach the Bergen Airport and rent a car.

Once you’ve rented a car, check-in your hotel, relax and spend the evening strolling the colorful lanes and pretty harbor of Bryggen and check out the Bergen fish market.

bryggen bergen norway

Where to dine in Bergen?

Where to stay in Bergen? Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz Bergen, YM40, Bjørnestrand Fjordside View, Scandic Flesland Airport

Day 18 – Explore Bergen

The entire day is dedicated to exploring Bergen. Ride the Fløibanen funicular and/or the Ulriken cable car to get 360-degree panoramic views over the city.

View from Mount Fløyen Bergen Norway

Visit the KODE Art Museums, especially KODE 4 that has Kunstlab where kids can learn the art while playing.

bergen norway nordic countries scandinavia itinerary

Next, you can visit Bergen Science Center Vilvite (kid-friendly) or Bergenhus Fortress depending upon the time and interest.

You can take the cruise along the Osterfjord if you’ve time and energy. The cruise leaves from the fish market pier. The last cruise leaves at 6 pm during the summer season and 2 pm otherwise.

Dining suggestions for 2nd day in Bergen:

  • Lunch at Bare Restaurant
  • Coffee and snacks at Godt Brod
  • Dinner at the Horn of Africa

With more time, you can take one of many beautiful day trips from Bergen.

PS: We loved Bergen so much so that the plan for the second visit is already on the mind. We explored Bergen in summer and now are keen to witness the magic of Bergen in winter.

Day 19 – Drive to Hardangerfjord from Bergen | Explore Hardanger

The day finally is here when you’ll witness the majestic Norwegian fjord up-close. A beautiful drive from Bergen to Hardangerfjord takes less than 2 hours.

The third-longest fjord in the world and second-longest in Norway, Hardangerfjord is wild and stunning.

There are many ways you can revel in the beauty of the fjord – hiking, walking, cruising, kayaking, and many more.

hardangerfjord hordaland norway

Where to eat in Hardanger? Hardangerviddahallen Restaurant & Cafe, Restaurant Fjell & Fjord, and Mabodalen Camping and Hyttesenter.

Where to stay in Hardanger? Hardangerfjord Hotel, Mo Gardsferie, Apartment in Herand, Vik Pensjonat Og Hytter, and Jaunsen Gjestegjevarstad.

Day 20 – Drive to Flam | Explore Flam

Today, drive the beautiful stretch from Eidfjord to Flam. There are many beautiful stops on the way to Flam like Voss, Gudvangen, and Stalheimskleiva.

Don’ rush but try to soak in the experiences.

You can opt for a Norled express boat from Bergen to Flam along the Sognefjord if you’ve enough time. The round-trip takes the entire day and the single-journey takes over 5.5 hours. The boat leaves at 8 am and make brief stops at fjord villages on the way before it reaches Flam. The return trip starts at around 3 pm in the afternoon.

Once you reach Flam, take a fjord cruise or fjord safari through UNESCO Nærøyfjord, the most dramatic and wildest arm of the Sognefjord.

beauty of naerofjord flam gudvangen nærøydalselvi river norway

The three-hour tour passes through endless waterfalls, mountainside farms, little fjord villages, and colossal mountains.

flam naeroyfjord norway nordic countries

One of the tours (Heritage Taste Fjord Safari) lets you get down to a beautiful village of Undredal, famous for its authentic goat cheese.

You can taste different varieties of cheese and jams at Eldhuset.

Read experience at Undredal, Norway

Once you’re done with the fjord cruise, board the Flamsbana for the most enchanting train journey from Flam to Myrdal and back.

flam railway flamsbana flam to myrdal norway

Where to eat in Flam? Fretheim Hotel Restaurant, Flam Marina and Appartement Cafe, Green Norway Flam, and Bakkastova.

Where to stay in Flam? Flåm Marina, Flåm Ferdaminne, and Visit Undredal.

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Day 21 – Road Trip from Flam to Oslo

Day 21. Sigh! We are almost done with our Nordic Countries exploration. Wait! The best is yet to come :)

Today, you’ll drive one of the loveliest road trips you’ve ever driven in your life. Believe you me.

The road trip from Flam to Oslo passes through the exciting tunnels, medieval churches, cute towns, mountain passes, national parks, dramatic fjords, and whatnot.

bergen to oslo road trip a lovely turf roof house near geilo norway

The entire road journey (300+ km) takes around 5 to 6 hours including the time spent at stopovers.

Here’s a detailed post about the road trip from Bergen to Oslo

You can retire to your hotel or can check out the Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Tower in the evening. Climb the observation deck on top of the jump tower to enjoy the panoramic views over Oslo. The evenings are special as they bring beautiful sunsets over Oslofjord.

Day 22 – Fly Back Home

Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to Nordics. I don’t like the endings especially when it comes to the beautiful trips but as they say, “All good things must come to an end.”

You’ll fly out from Oslo to head home, wherever in the world it is. If you have a flight late afternoon or evening, you can spend some time exploring more of Oslo or maybe shopping for souvenirs. We recommend Way Nor for souvenirs.

oslo to delhi flight nordic countries scandinavia itinerary

Phew! This is an exhaustive guide to Scandinavia and we hope it helps travelers across the world to travel to this beautiful region in Northern Europe.

So, it’s basically Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland itinerary! You can add Iceland to this itinerary to explore the entire Nordic region. I purposely left Iceland as we have planned to visit it sometime soon during the Northern Lights season :)

So, when are you planning your trip to Scandinavia? If you need any further assistance as you plan to travel to Scandinavia, let us know in the comments section below. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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Fernando Durante October 29, 2021 - 12:48 am

Hello Anjali!
What a nice web travel spot you ve created. I am heading to Denmark, Sweden and Finland for 10 days with 3 kids ( 13 to 20 yrs.), mid january.
I am from Argentina and that´s our summer holidays.
Do you think it still would be an acceptable idea ( short days, cold cold cold ).

Anjali Chawla October 29, 2021 - 12:32 pm

Hey Fernando!

I and Neha love it when our readers find our content helpful because that’s our ultimate goal :) Thank you so much for your kind words.

Fernando, the plus points of visiting the Nordic countries in winter are – fewer crowds, lower costs, loads of winter activities, and a chance to witness Aurora Borealis while the downsides include chilly and windy weather, shorter days (translates to less exploration time), and closed roads (matters if road tripping is on your list). Also, many sights and activities remain closed or open on a limited schedule during winter.

Having said that, I’d say winter is a good time to go if your travel goal is to catch the northern lights and indulge in winter sports.

If you can postpone your plan then I’d recommend visiting from late May to early June when the weather is just perfect, days are long, crowds are limited, and all the sights and activities are open.

If you can’t put off your plan then make sure to pack well for your winter adventure as you’ve kids traveling with you. As they say, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” You gotta exercise caution while packing for your trip so you and your kids can feel comfortable during wintertime and enjoy snowy activities.

Be ready to layer up or bundle up. You must pack insulated, well-ventilated, and weather resistant jackets, waterproof lower, fleece leggings, long-sleeved tops, thermal underwear, warm sweaters to layer on tops, waterproof boots with a good grip, warm cap, war, and waterproof gloves, warm scarves, and thick socks. Make sure that the material of clothes is lightweight and quick dry.

Hope that helps. If you’ve any further questions or concerns, please let me know. I’m here to help!

Happy Travels!


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