Chocolate World Hershey, PA – The Sweetest Place on Earth

Who doesn’t love chocolates? Milk chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolates, chocolates with almonds and the list is endless.

Mouth-watering. isn’t it?

Then Hershey Chocolate World is the place to be in.

Hershey, the pioneers in chocolate in the US is a favorite among all. That is why Hershey’s has the largest market share of chocolates in the US.

Hershey chocolate world PA

Where is Hershey’s chocolate made?

Hershey Chocolates are made in the sweetest city of Hershey in Pennsylvania, USA. The city itself gets its name from Milton Hershey, the founder of Hershey chocolates who established the city.

Hershey Chocolates Company was founded way back in 1894 by Milton Hershey.

Hershey chocolate World entrance PA

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Things to do at Hershey Chocolate World

#Chocolate Tour

The fun and the musical chocolaty tour takes you on a journey of chocolate making. Riding on open cars that keep moving on a track, the journey begins with a farm from where the milk is procured.

From getting the best quality cocoa beans from the world, processing it and using it makes the chocolates taste so delicious.

hershey chocolate tour

It feels as if you are walking in the chocolate factory with machines around mixing milk and chocolate with sugar. Big conveyor belts loaded with a variety of chocolates getting ready to be packed.

It is a very informative and interesting tour explaining the entire process of chocolate making.

Don’t forget to give a pose at the end of a picture that can be taken as a souvenir.

The tour ends on a sweet note with a free sample of chocolate to enjoy the rest of the day.

Ticket: The entry to the chocolate tour is free.

Did you know?
Hershey is the only brand of chocolates that uses fresh milk from farms nearby to make its chocolates

#Create your own Candy Bar

This has been our favorite activity in the Chocolate world. Gear up as chefs to make your own candy bar according to your tastes.

Hershey world chocolate bar making

Wear your apron and hair net and head over the kiosks.

You get to choose from your choice of chocolate – milk, white or dark. There are a variety of ingredients to add into the chocolate like rice crispies, choco chips, pretzel bits, butter toffee crunch, butterscotch chips.

Kids, do you like sprinkles over your chocolate? Then add them over your bar.

Machines to add ingredients to own chocolate bar at Hershey Chocolate world

After you have decided ingredients, now is the important task of wrapping it with your personalized wrapper.

Make an appealing design with even your name on it. This can be a souvenir to cherish your sweet times.

We still have our chocolate packing with us.

Even kids love making and personalizing their own candy bar. My kids were so excited about displaying their creation to everyone.

Designing the wrapper of candy bar in Hershey chocolate world

Activity duration: 45 minutes

Tickets: $26.95

Note: This is a 45 minutes activity and has specific show timings, so check for them and book tickets.

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#4D Chocolate Movie

This is great if you have kids with you. The kids enjoy the chocolatey characters weaved into the story.

It is a 30-minute 4-D animated movie with special effects that keeps you giggling. It is fun to see the characters as your favorite candy in the movie trying to solve a mystery.

Hershey 4D movie

Activity duration: 30 minutes

Tickets: Adults – $7.95, Child (3-12 years) – $6.95

#Hershey’s unwrapped

If you like tasting a variety of chocolates, then this is the place to be. With some fun theatrical elements added to the attraction, it is revamped.

Everyone gets a tin box filled with a variety of chocolates that will be tasted during the show. It is interesting that before we even eat something we use our other senses as well as the smell, feel the texture, see the colors.

It is aptly said, “You eat with your eyes first”.

During the show, you get to taste the chocolates and understand different types of flavors like fruity, nutty, sweet, etc.

The tasting is intertwined with the comic performance and the whole show flows seamlessly.

Activity duration: 30 minutes

Tickets: Adults -$15.95, Child (3-12 years) -$12.95


Souvenirs are a great way to relive the sweet memories of your visit. The store has a wide selection of things like t-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, soft toys, etc that can be bought.

Hershey chocolate world pa souvenir

Photos also make great memories. It makes you smile later remembering those priceless moments.
There is an option to buy the photo captured during or before the Chocolate tour ride. You can even buy other souvenirs with photos on it.

#Cafe & Bakery

Indulge yourself in lip-smacking desserts and snacks. From shakes, cookies, cakes to ice creams there are so many options to choose from. Sit down in the cafe and savor the hot pizzas, sandwiches with a hot cup of cocoa.

Kids don’t forget your ice cream and milkshakes.

Hershey chocolate world pa cafe
The cafe at Hershey Chocolate World

Are you craving for chocolate cake or brownie?

Then head over to the Bakery and indulge in the sweet delights. There are cookies, cakes, brownies and many more to satisfy your cravings.

Banana sundae at Hershey chocolate world cafe

#Candy Store

This is one place that everyone loves ‘coz now you get to pick your favorite chocolates and candies. To be honest, I always felt like taking all the variety, it is so tempting. You will see people filling up their baskets.

Hershey chocolate world pa candy store
Hershey chocolate characters at Chocolate world

You can even shop for the world’s largest chocolate bars.

This is the biggest exclusive Hershey’s store, with all candies under one roof.

So get ready to lighten your wallets.

Interactive game at Hershey chocolate world
Kids can even enjoy the interactive game at the store

#Hershey Trolley

Do you know who was Milton Hershey? He was the master chocolatier who started the Hershey Chocolate Company back in 1900 in this area.

The Hershey Trolley takes you on a tour of this sweetest city stopping at major sites like Hershey Park, Hershey kiss streetlights, and many more. The conductor shares about the life and interesting facts about Milton Hershey and his journey.

How can this tour be complete without chocolates? Yes, of course there are chocolates to enjoy while you sightsee the city and listen to the great man’s journey.

Did You know?
Milton Hershey was supposed to board the Titanic for which he even paid for, but had to cancel it due to last minute business work.

The trolley departs right outside the Hershey Chocolate World at specific times. There are different types of tours to choose from, some being seasonal.

Tickets: Adults – $17.95 , Child (3-12 years) – $14.95. Free for kids aged 2 and below.


There is ample parking in the Chocolate world complex and the best part is it is free for the first 3 hours. There are charges beyond 3 hours though.

Other attractions in Hershey PA

You must be wondering apart from Hershey Chocolate World, what to do in Hershey PA? Don’t fret, you have ample activities to keep you entertained.

1. Hershey Park

The amusement park that is thronged by all, big and small, young and old. With over 70 rides including a full-fledged water park, what more can you ask for.

Started by Milton Hershey for the entertainment of his employees, this has now turned as a favorite summer destination for all.

Tickets: There are multiple options from a 1-day ticket, 2-day ticket to seasonal passes that begin from $44. Refer to the website for more details.

Read the reviews at Tripadvisor.

2. Hershey Gardens

A botanical garden conceived tastefully in the city is spread over 23 acres. With a magnificent variety of flowers and plants, it is a treat to your eyes and soul.

There is a Butterfly atrium where these colorful creatures are seen fluttering all over and even on you.

Tickets: Adults – $13.50, Child (3 – 12 years) – $9.50

Read the reviews of Hershey Gardens at Tripadvisor.

3. ZooAmerica

A small zoo started by Milton Hershey has spread over 11 acres with around 200 animals. Located inside the Hersheypark, it is a great place to take the kids.

Tickets: Regular (9- 61 years) – $13, Kids (3-8 years) – $11.

Note: If entered from Hersheypark, then the zoo is free to visit on the same day.

Read the reviews of ZooAmerica at Tripadvisor.

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Things to take care

  1. If you plan to do more than 1 activity, then buying the bundle ticket will save you money.
  2. Strollers are not allowed inside the chocolate world. There is a place to park right outside the place. So better to take a baby carrier instead.
  3. During the summer and holiday season, this place is very crowded and the waiting time increases. So try and plan during a weekday to avoid the crowd.
  4. It is good to check the show timings of the activities you plan to do and book the tickets and plan your visit accordingly.

Hotels near Hershey, PA?

Check out the great options to stay in Hershey, PA and choose that best suits your needs.

Have you experienced the Hershey Chocolate World? Wasn’t it sweet and fun? What did you like best? Do share your thoughts.

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