Magic Planet Trivandrum – First of a kind theme park in the world

While US is famous for its Universal studios and Disneyland, Europe for Legoland, India can now boast of having the World’s first magic themed park.

Vision behind the theme park

The vision behind the theme park is Mr. Gopinath Muthukad, a renowned award winning magician. This was his attempt to provide a platform to artists like magicians, circus artists, street performers to harness and showcase their skills. Infact there is a research and innovation hub.

Happy kids at Magic Planet Trivandrum
Happy kids with a day well spent

Shows at the park

The whole day at the theme park is organized into variety of shows of different genres related to magic. They are timed in such a way that you get to attend all and get awed with the level of skill the artists put on stage.

Note: All the shows are in Malayalam language, but that doesn’t act as hindrance because of the visual nature of the acts. It only effects when the artist is conversing like in Street Magic, Comedy Magic or Dramagic.

1.Circus Castle

This 1-hour show will sweep you off your seats. From trapeze artists to jugglers, to balancing acts, to comedy, to acrobatics, to daredevil acts, they got it all covered.
It was heartwarming to see artists from all parts of India displaying their talents with such finesse and perfection.
We were truly impressed by the artist who performed the balancing acts. He could dance his way on the small board kept over a basketball. Sounds easy, now the only thing is that the basketball was kept on the small size stool and that stool was kept on top of a table. He did similar balancing acts with different props which were mindblowing. Think the hours that went into perfecting those skills that they seemed like a cake walk for him.

magic planet Trivandrum balancing act
OMG!! What precision and balance

Another mention to the female artist who held about 10 feet long rod over her feet and tried to throw a ball on the hoop at the top of the rod all while laying flat.

2. Dramagic

This was a dramatic performance inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘Tempest’ with some magical elements in it. Huge stage, colorful setting, and props made you feel like watching a movie.
Note- The narrative and dialogues were all in Malayalam so we could not understand every nitty gritty, but it was a visual treat.

3. Comedy Magic

This was one light performance and the unique thing was that the artist performed his act only through expressions. Yes, he didn’t say a single word yet we were rolling on the floor laughing.
The magician invited volunteers from the audience and performed the magic acts with them. His acts were simple but his comical visage did the wonders.

Comedy Magic was performed in the M power theatre which is a special initiative to give a respectful platform to differently abled artists. Hats off to them.

4. Street Magic

Street magic has a long history in India. As kids, I remember watching these tricks like rope walking, basket magic, card games and we used to get fascinated when one of our friends would do a trick.
So street magic is a show where local street artists baffle you yet again with those common street tricks. You could neither understand the trick then nor could we now, but still we get impressed.
The street magician put a pot under a blanket and after a while, it had a small mango plant grown in it. Again it goes under the blanket and after some trick over it, bore mango fruits on it. Yes, they were real coz we tasted them. I am still perplexed.

Magic Planet Trivandrum street magic
I am still perplexed, but a mango tree bearing fruits grew in the pot under that blanket

Note: The artist was communicating in Malayalam, hence we could not understand his punch lines which made others laugh. He was very interactive though and kept the audience involved.

5. Great Indian Rope Show

The Indian rope trick is one of the oldest magic tricks to have been performed since 19th century. It is described as “World’s greatest illusion”. The artist keeps a long piece of rope inside a basket and with his magic, it starts to levitate, rising high without any support. We were totally awe struck and baffled.

6. The Puppet Show

This one show is famous among small children where they see puppets dancing to the tunes of the artist.

7. Illusion show

If there is one word to describe this show, it would be ‘blown away‘. We literally couldn’t blink our eyes, our eyes were glued to the stage trying to catch a slight hint to make us understand the deceptive appearance. Guess that’s the reason it’s called ‘ Illusion- an instance of a misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience ‘.
The National award wining artist Mr. Mohammad Shanu beguiles you with his acts one after the other. The high voltage drama with equally enticing music and sound is the trump card that is kept for the last.

We recommend not to miss this at all. Worth every minute.

8. The Grand magical parade

This is the finale act of the day where all the artists and staff members of Magic planet come out on street with a colorful display.
What a perfect way to appreciate and admire the efforts of every member of the theme park.

Magic Planet Trivandrum grand finale parade
Magic Planet ensemble in the grand finale parade

Other attractions

  1. History of magic – As the name suggests it depicts the evolution of magic. It is said that magic began about 5000 years back in Egypt. It flourished in Greece and Rome later. Even India is not new to magic and had famed magicians like P.C. Sorcor who bought laurels nationally and internationally.
  2. Cradle creativity – An attraction where magic is done with papers. Kids get to show their creativity and make fun crafts with an artist to guide them.
  3. Balloon Twist – Making animals and other characters out of twisting balloons.
  4. Mirror Maze – This is one place where a kid or an adult would try to complete the maze with equal enthusiasm.
magic planet Trivandrum mirror maze
The mirror maze

Facilities for your comfort

We never anticipated that there would be so much stress on other facilities to make the visit of customers comfortable and memorable.

  1. Parking – is available at the Kinfra studio from where a bus will take and drop you from the theme park. There are no additional parking charges.
  2. Cloakroom – There is a free cloakroom service available to deposit stuff if needed.
  3. Feeding room – Loved the fact that there are feeding rooms available to mom’s to feed their infants.
  4. Food Court- Vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are available at nominal charges which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  5. Cafe – For the knick-knacks to munch on, juices, coffee, tea etc can be purchased at MRP, unlike other places where they charge exorbitantly. Even the water bottle is at MRP. Since it is very hot in Trivandrum we were hooked to juices and cold water to quench our thirst.
  6. Drinking water – Water coolers are placed near the food court.

Special Mention – To the most helpful staff we have ever met. We reached the theme park about 2 hours late and they especially walked only us through some of the exhibits in-spite being finished for the day. Since all the announcements and communications were in Malayalam, they made it a point to translate them for us. One of the staff members was always waiting outside the venue at the end of the act to accompany us to the next venue.


The tickets can be booked online at Magic Planet or brought at the parking gate.

Tue-Fri: Adults INR 450, Children (4-10yrs) INR 400
Sat-Sun: Adults INR 490, Children (4-10yrs) INR 440


Magic Planet,
Thiruvananthapuram Kazhakuttom Road Near KINFRA Film & Video Park
Sainik School P.O, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695585

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 471 2412811
           +91 471 2412911

Timings : 10 a.m – 5 p.m. Monday closed

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  1. Plan to be there at 10 a.m. as soon as the park opens, and stay till the closure. We missed a few shows as reached late.
  2. Outside food and eatables are not allowed. We did carry water which was ok.
  3. To save some bucks, visit on a weekday when the tickets are a bit cheap.

Verdict: This is a must visit place when in Trivandrum not only for kids but for adults as well. The tickets are not very expensive as compared to the facilities and the entire day well spent.

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  1. I love that Mr Muthukad decided to create a platform for other magicians and performers to be able to make a living. What a cool theme park to visit!

  2. What a totally neat idea for a theme park. So much more than a bunch of rides but a real show and emphasis on magic. Also love that the staff were so helpful. Would love to visit!

  3. This is such a cool concept! I haven’t been to Kerala yet but kids or not I think I would definitely have a lot of fun at this place. Saving this for future trip 馃檪

    • Yes, it’s a must visit place and well managed. And definitely add God’s own country- Kerala to your bucket list. You’ll love it.


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