Road Trip from Miami to Key West – Florida Keys Itinerary with Kids

A road trip from Miami to Key West through the lovely Florida Keys was one of the best road trips we have ever been on. Here’s our 5-day itinerary to help you plan Florida Keys road trip with kids.

“She said, I love places where it’s summer in winter” ~ Nick Miller

This is so true for South Florida and that’s the reason we chose it as our destination for the winter break.

Have you ever wondered why are they called Florida Keys?

Key is derived from a Spanish word ‘cayo’ meaning small island. Can you guess why is Key Largo called so? Yes, it is the largest island among all the keys.
The Keys are connected by Overseas Highway or U.S. Highway 1 with 42 bridges over it including a seven-mile long bridge which makes it one of the best road trips.

Road Trip from Miami to Key West through the Florida Keys – Adventuring Along the Way with Kids

Day 1 – Off to Key Largo

We took an early morning flight from Philadelphia to West Palm Beach. From West Palm Beach we drove straight to Key Largo, the first of the Florida Keys.

Reaching in the evening after a tiring drive, we thought of just relaxing in our rooms. But it was hard to miss the sunset. Sitting down by the beach, the mangroves and the coconut trees giving the perfect backdrop, the kids playing in the water, the sun playing its magic.

It was a perfect beginning to the vacation and to refresh ourselves for the days ahead.

perfect road trip from miami to key west

Day 2 – Adventures in Key Largo

With us, all refreshed it was time to indulge in some adventure. The boys chose to fly like birds over the calm blue waters. You guessed it right- parasailing.

My 7-year-old son tried it for the first time and his smiles and excitement were inevitable after he came. My 3-year-old daughter was envious and it was hard to convince her for next time.

There are many tour operators across Florida keys that offer to parasail and can book tickets in advance.

Road Trip from Miami to Key West Florida key largo parasailing

With adrenaline levels high, it was time for the next one. Apart from Hawaii in the USA, Florida has the living coral reef spread across the coast of the state.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo is America’s first underwater park. After soaring the skies was time for some underwater fun. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the best options per se.

Since we had a toddler and an infant with us, we chose the dry version, the glass bottom boat tour. The 2 ½ hour boat tours run from the state park and take deep into the ocean for a glimpse into the underwater world.

The ride traverses through vast mangrove plantations into the deep wide ocean. We all huddled around the glass and were charmed to see the beautiful fishes and diverse aquatic ecosystem.

To be very honest, it’s not the same as being up close and experiencing the coral while snorkeling or scuba diving. Nonetheless, it’s best for kids and non-divers to espy this new world.

Road Trip from Miami to Key West Florida Southernmost point
90 miles to Cuba

With so much to cherish, we head off to the Overseas Highway towards Key West. Often called the ‘magic carpet’, this is the only road connecting the Florida Keys to the rest of the state.

It is the window to the exotic tropical paradise. Driving in the evening, watching the magic of the sun setting over the bridge, pink hues over the sky, a vast expanse of water on both sides, palm trees, is breathtaking.

We couldn’t stop ourselves to halt multiple times to capture some amazing vistas until we reached the southernmost city of the US – Key West.

Road Trip from Miami to Key West Florida overseas highway sunset
Sometimes words fall short to express

But this beauty was obliterated by Hurricane Irma that had slashed its wings in September 2017. We could still see debris along the highway, broken homes and beaches that were damaged.

It was sad to see, but we realized that we are minuscule in front of mother nature and should preserve it with full zeal.

Hurricane season brings a humbling reminder that despite our technologies, most of nature remains unpredictable.” ~ Diane Ackerman

We were all so tired but couldn’t miss the spirit of the city at Duval street especially during Christmas time.

The colors, lights, a lot of restaurants and local souvenir shops, the best place to enjoy the festive spirit.

Day 3 – Breathing Key West

With plans all set for the day, we head out to the southernmost point of the US which is represented by a red and black buoy.

We were a little disappointed to see this buoy at the corner of the street and waiting in line to get a pic taken.

Road Trip from Miami to Key West

There are roosters and chickens all over the place, you may even spot them crossing the roads. Another creature to look out for is Iguana, on the trees. We did spot 2 of them.

Our next stop had to be Fort Zachary Taylor state park, for some beach fun and visiting the historic site. But sometimes, things don’t work the way you plan.

The kids seem to be tired and grumpy, so we decided to go with the flow. But there are many activities to choose from.


Downhearted by not getting to explore the Conch Republic, we headed out of Key West for Miami hoping the kids would nap on the way.

Refreshing ourselves with picturesque views along the Overseas Highway, we halted after an hour at Bahia Honda State Park. Bahia Honda (pronounced Bah-ee-ah own-da), a Spanish word means deep bay.

Road trip from Miami to Key West Bahia Honda state park

The small state park had a sandy beach which is hard to find in the Keys. Although the ocean side beach was still closed due to aftereffects of the hurricane, we got to enjoy the warm and calm waters on the bayside.

Kids had a great time at the sandy beach that we had missed in Keys. To get some spectacular views, climb the old broken bridge passing through the park.

Road Trip from Miami to Key West Florida Bahia Honda old bridge

It was finally time to bid adieu to these magical islands with some special memories. We hit off the road again to our destination- Miami, the Magic City.

The first view was of a sparkling city off the coast in the night. It was magical to see the skyline and we were excited to explore but after a good night’s sleep.

Day 4 – Everglades National Park

The refreshing start to the day and a half-day trip to Everglades National park was the plan. We had told the kids that we are going to see alligators. Starting early to reach the park at the Homestead entrance at 9 a.m.

We headed to the Anhinga Trail, an easy 1-mile trail to see some alligators basking in the sun. Kids were amazed to see these cold-blooded creatures lying without moving a bit.

Road Trip from Miami to Key West Florida Everglades park alligators

With a great start, we head up to drive along to the Flamingo visitor center, making halts at various observation points.

Unfortunately, we could see the impacts of Hurricane Irma here as well with many observation points and parts of the state park closed.

We drove all the way to the end of the park road to Flamingo, which is by the bay with the desire to spot manatees, alligators along with other wildlife.

But to our dismay, we couldn’t spot anything and disheartened, we decide to go back to Miami.

Due to the hurricane aftermath, we were unable to explore it completely, but for adventure seekers, you can choose from any of the ample adventure airboat tours and other activities around Everglades National Park.

Road Trip from Miami to Key West Florida Everglades park Flamingo center
Flamingo Visitor Center Bay

But on our way, we made a small halt at the famous ‘Robert is here’, a fruit stands in Homestead, with a vast variety of tropical fruits and milkshakes.

Some of the shakes we tried were Coconut and mango, which were delicious, but Coconut stood out with small pieces of the fruit in it.

Another refreshing drink on a sunny day was fresh sugarcane juice with a hint of lemon and ginger. In India, we have grown by drinking the sugarcane juice during summer, so it reminded us of our childhood.

Back in Miami, we were staying in the South Beach area. Our hotel, a block away from the beach was the perfect way to enjoy the waters hassle-free.  So we hit out to the beach to sink ourselves into the water and sandy beaches.

Oh! how much we have been missing this since the start of winter back in Philly. Florida is so perfect to run away from winter and enjoy the summer fun.

The kids built sandcastles, splashed water, watched numerous cruise liners go by.

And we settled to watch the sun create the magic on the blue canvas, so alluring and relaxing. How can you not stop dreaming of such a magnificent sight?

Road trip from Miami to Key West Florida south Miami beach

Day 5 – Sun and Sand at South Beach, Miami

As said, “A day at the beach begins with the sunrise and ends with a smile.” So, we head out to start our day with smiles and soothe our soul.

Walking on the beach was simply rejuvenating. Spending half a day at the beach, writing names on the sand to see it getting washed away, making sandcastles, just getting the most of it.

Road Trip from Miami to Key West Florida south Miami beach sunrise

We would recommend the hotels Courtyard Miami South Beach and  Hilton Garden Inn South Beach for a comfortable stay close to the beach.

Sadly, it was time for us to pack our bags. How we wished we’d have some more time to explore Miami besides its beaches. There are a plethora of things to do in Miami with kids beyond sun, sand, and surf. There’s always the next time.

We left for West Palm Beach, our final destination to catch our flight home the next morning.

With these thoughts in our heads, we bid adieu to Florida –

“Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun-kissed hair

That endless summer, take me there.”

Tips for the Road Trip from Miami to Key West with Kids

  1. If you have seasickness, then take medicine prior to the glass bottom boat tour.
  2. If more than 1 person is doing parasailing, better to do a tandem or triple ride to save money and having fun together.
  3. Most of the beaches in Florida keys are not sandy, rather hard and rocky due to coral beds.
  4. Most hotels in the Key West have free shuttles to Duval street and some major points.
  5. Sunset at Mallory square is beautiful and to find a good spot arrive early.
  6. If short of time, opt for train tours that let you explore Key West, but this city is wonderfully explored by foot.
  7. Everglades national park has an admission fee of $25 per car which is valid for the next 7 days.

What to Eat

  1. Keys are famous for their Key lime pie which is a must-try. We tried from Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen. It was flavorful but not very extraordinary as we had read in many places.
  2. Robert is Here at Homestead is a must-visit for some amazing shakes. Loved the coconut shake and the best was fresh sugarcane juice (do add lemon and ginger). A large variety of fresh tropical fruits is available, but it is a little expensive.

Our Recommendations for the Road Trip from Miami to Key West with Kids

  1. Bahia Honda state park for sandy beaches and warm water.
  2. Glass bottom boat tour of the coral reef at John Pennekamp State Park.
  3. Parasailing or snorkeling if interested in some adventure in Florida.

Other Places of Interest

Alligator farm – Near the Everglades National park, it’s a place to come up close with these cold-blooded creatures which you can even hold in hand.

For more information, you can check the official website of the Florida Keys.

A road trip from Miami to Key West is one of the classic American road trips you must experience. You are sure to have fun driving over the beautiful ocean and jumping islands while doing fun and adventurous things with kids along the way.

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  1. The Pictures in the post are such Eye-Candies <3 absolutely loved to read through the post and thanks for the recommendation of visiting the Alligator Farm – it sounds super awesome – I am sure the kids would be super excited to touch the reptiles 😛

    • Thanks a lot Richa for liking the post.:) Yes Alligator farm would be fun for kids. Do try out. Let me know if you need any help planning. 🙂

  2. Ahhh I love Florida! I’ve never been to the everglades, but it’s definitely on my list! The alligator farm sounds amazing (and maybe partly scary? lol)

    • Yes, you should plan everglades. They even have some boat tours there, which would be good to try. I also feel a little scary and creepy seeing reptiles.

  3. I love the idea of summer during winter – Florida is definitely a place for winter sun! I think I need to go back at a different time of year – I went there in May when it was definitely summer hot.

    • Hmm..Florida gets really hot in summer. I remember visiting Orlando during the memorial day and it was so hot. But this time was perfect. You could enjoy the beach and great weather. Do visit during winter.

  4. I love Miami but never been to the keys. The glass boat and underwater park sound amazing. I love Florida for it’s warm warm, and the color of the water in your photos look so good!

    • Oh you must visit the Keys next time. The drive itself is so scenic, you’ll love it. Florida’s weather is its advantage that everybody flocks there.

  5. Wow, the Keys look gorgeous. I love the juxtaposition if the broken bridge and the islands. I’ve never taken a glass bottom boat, I guess I never thought you’d see anything. Nice to know you did with your little ones 🙂

    • Keys are magical and the drive along the keys is worthed. The glass bottom is a great way to see the aquatic world, although it will not match to what you see without that green colored glass between. But good for small kids.

  6. The best part about Florida is the warm Atlantic waters. So much fun, especially with kids. I spent last Winter in Florida and loved it…and can totally relate with your experience. Indeed, warm waters, palm trees and great food!!

  7. Florida seems to be awesome for holidays 🙂 I’d love to go to the Aligator Farm – I’m a bit scared of reptile though but it’d be an amazing experience

  8. Oh you must visit Keys to see the natural beauty of Florida. Orlando is fun with so many theme parks and adventure.
    I never knew that Orlando was also impacted by Irma. It was really sad to see the aftermath.


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